One fine Sunday, after giving Anu a warm bath, I tied baby towel around her tummy to cover her legs. There was a small slit between the two edges of towel, which she separated and told Amma – Taba,Taba..Next day, I wore a chudidar. As any chudidar dress, it comes with a slit on both sides. She pointed to the edges and said “Amma, Taba,Taba”..

Here is the decode:

Anu is very fond of a song from Bollywood movie Shaandar. Here is the link :

When she watches this song, she doesn’t bat her eyelids till the video ends. I would always wonder what would a 2 year old understand which keeps her so engrossed in the video.  The song has words – Tauba, Tauba. The lady in the song wears a red dress which has a big slit at one side. So , Anu had observed the type of this dress in this song and related this to other normal dresses whichever had a slit. Now I understand – that a two year can observe dressing style too.

Scene 1:
Anu keeps enthusiastically jumping on the sofa for few mins. She loses balance and falls, her forehead hits the ground with a ‘thug’ sound. Loud cries of Anu fills the entire house. Amma comes running from kitchen, hugs her, caresses her forehead, wipes her tears and says ‘Alabardu, good girl alva neenu’ ( Don’t cry, arent you a good girl?). These lines Amma utters everytime Anu cries.

Scene 2:
Amma is weeping for reasons beyond the scope of this blog. Anu carefully observes Amma, hugs amma, wipes tears and says – ABADA amma , GUGGAL . ABADA amma, GUGGAL. ABADA amma, GUGGAL !!! Amma’s tears stopped, due to confusion in her brain as to which organ needs to be prioritized. Is it tear glands or the left brain? Amma’s left brain is busy decoding the cryptic words of Anu. Few seconds later, tears continue. The decode was : ‘Alabeda amma, good girl’

Kids learn everything that happens around them so quickly and imitate the same in their own way.