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Eco-friendly Ganesha

Bogged down by mundane work in the recent couple of months,  I made an amateurish attempt at preparing Ganesha idol for Ganesh Chaturthi  at home , to  awaken the creative side of my brain. I consider the final result as 'GOOD'... Continue Reading →

5 Things Anu taught me

 I stuck a  small note in my cubicle last week which read : What new thing did you learn today? After reading this note , although I don’t get an answer about what I learnt that day, my temperament changes... Continue Reading →

The day after ‘Women’s day’ !!

In continuation to the previous post where I described the event I attended at office, while I was travelling back home through company transport, I recollected all the learnings I had during the event. I had transformed into cheerful-me with... Continue Reading →

Women’s Day

International women's day ( March 8 ) We had 'Women Of Impact' event with the theme of ‘BE UNSTOPPABLE’ at my workplace to celebrate Women's day this week. The agenda of the event was interesting with talks from various women... Continue Reading →

Neerja Movie Review

Neerja Movie review: Last weekend, we planned and booked 'Neerja' movie 30 mins before the show time at 2:15 PM, finished my lunch and household chores hurriedly and rushed to the theatre. In todays world, there are lot of people... Continue Reading →

Anu turns 1.5

Anu just completed 1 and half years. Now I consider the baby as a person/an individual on her own who communicates what she wants through eyes and expressions, not as a small baby anymore. An individual who is developing tastes... Continue Reading →

Best part of the day.

While chatting with one my college friends today, she narrated that being stuck in traffic for hours is the worst part of her everyday routine. Minutes after the conversation ended, the thought - 'what is the worst and best part... Continue Reading →

Monotonous household chores

Couple of household chores are very boring and endlessly repetitive every day. These tasks cannot be left without doing, but I don’t have any interest to perform them diligently every day. Instead of getting exhausted with these chores , here... Continue Reading →

Rangoli at cousin’s marriage

I attended my closest cousin sister's marriage during the year end holidays. In Karnataka, there is a custom to present the newly married couple's first lunch with elobarate meals on 5 plaintain leaves with varieties of dishes - called 'Bhoomada... Continue Reading →

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