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Protected: The Second is equally loved as First

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A cup of ‘unconditional love’ – Tea

Tea has been my favorite beverage from 12th standard. A cup of tea boosts up my mood every time, whatever situation I'm into.  It’s a perfect me-time when I reflect on things done and things to do. Here are couple... Continue Reading →

Children grow-up sooner than mothers

The day finally arrived when I had to leave Anu at in-laws place, while I stayed at mother's place in anticipation of the arrival of new one. This is the first time I had to stay away from Anu from... Continue Reading →

Wiping off the problems

Anu was 3 years old. I was busy working on my laptop, trying to boot up a device, which was not working apparently due to some technical problem.I was unaware of the fix. I looked tensed and irritated over the... Continue Reading →

Karma is a boomrang

Anything that was told to Anu to teach her something, will be replayed in few days, back to me in a different context. Anu is scared of King Kong. King Kong is used as a weapon many times to make... Continue Reading →

Hide n Seek

On a Sunny,Monday morning , I was waiting with Anu for the school bus to arrive at my building. Due to traffic jam, the bus was delayed. To distract her from her usual tantrums, I made Anu hide behind a... Continue Reading →

Eco-friendly Ganesha

Bogged down by mundane work in the recent couple of months,  I made an amateurish attempt at preparing Ganesha idol for Ganesh Chaturthi  at home , to  awaken the creative side of my brain. I consider the final result as 'GOOD'... Continue Reading →

5 Things Anu taught me

 I stuck a  small note in my cubicle last week which read : What new thing did you learn today? After reading this note , although I don’t get an answer about what I learnt that day, my temperament changes... Continue Reading →

The day after ‘Women’s day’ !!

In continuation to the previous post where I described the event I attended at office, while I was travelling back home through company transport, I recollected all the learnings I had during the event. I had transformed into cheerful-me with... Continue Reading →

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