Bogged down by mundane work in the recent couple of months,  I made an amateurish attempt at preparing Ganesha idol for Ganesh Chaturthi  at home , to  awaken the creative side of my brain. I consider the final result as ‘GOOD’ just to boost the confidence in me. Due to over eating of the delicacies served with devotion, my Ganesha had turned slightly obese 😉

Here is how it went:

1: Below youtube link ignited a spark in me to prepare handmade Ganesha idol.

2. Optimising the time I could spend on this activity, I ordered clay online at below link:

Firstly the clay powder needs to be cleaned and sieved to get a fine powder , to avoid cracks in the idol. On mixing with incremental water addition, clay paste is formed and mould to make the idol. It is kept for air dry, undisturbed for 24- 48 hours to have a solid idol.

3.  Decorating the idol with accessories ( beads, pearls,paint) surely set higher standards of patience in me as these should have been stuck/pasted when the idol was soft (before drying). The hind side of the Ganesha idol was filled with tapes, pins, fevicol marks to say the least. Formation of the base of the idol was a disaster as I could not forsee the height and the width of the idol I was about to prepare. Honouring Ganesha with a golden coloured shawl covered up few more flaws !!


  • The base of the idol needs to be much bigger initially . It can be trimmed later.
  • The quantity of water mixed with clay should be small increments to avoid wastage/shortage of clay.
  • Keep all the accessories ready beforehand once you start the activity to avoid lack of focus due to interruptions.
  • Involve a genuine critic during idol formation to give feedback.
  • Protecting the idol till its dried is important if there are kids at home.
  • The biggest advantage is – anything that goes wrong can always be fixed as mixing clay with water makes it soft to mould it again.
  • Eyes of Ganesha needs to be beautiful , black paint can be used.

There are hundreds of videos/blogs available online just a click away on ‘how to prepare ganesha idol’. My intent above was to bring out the common mistakes people usually commit. Its difficult to find learning which comes only through experience , the human psychology being not to publicize the mistakes . Yeah, Im an exception.

Below are the images before and after decoration:

Are you game to prepare eco-friendly Ganesha idol next year?