In continuation to the previous post where I described the event I attended at office, while I was travelling back home through company transport, I recollected all the learnings I had during the event. I had transformed into cheerful-me with ‘go conquer the world’ attitude, my heart was filled with enthusiasm, sky was NOT the limit. Soon after, I got down  at my destination. The cheerful-me returned home. After an hour of soaking in reality , I was the original-me as I was a day before.

The excitement bubble had bursted, the women’s day tattoo on my wrist had faded, it took longer to recollect the line on the placard I held, in the groupie picture, the ‘WOMEN’S DAY’ glee subsided. Reality hit me. Responsibilities, expectations, social norms engulfed me. The women’s day celebration at office seemed like I had a short trip to fairy-land from reality. This was not a mood swing, I had succumbed to circumstances.

I am sure, many ladies among the audience would have experienced the same that day.

Yes, the above instance was the reason I wrote down the event/day in detail in previous post so that the learnings remain fresh in my memories !!!