Neerja Movie review:

Last weekend, we planned and booked ‘Neerja’ movie 30 mins before the show time at 2:15 PM, finished my lunch and household chores hurriedly and rushed to the theatre.
In todays world, there are lot of people who put others life at risk to meet their selfish needs. We hear so frequently about hit and run cases.
Here is a life of 23 year old girl – Neerja Bhanot – A brave soul, youngest recipient of Ashok Chakra, a flight attendant, who put her duty first, her life next.
Her extraordinary courage and thoughfulness in adverse situations is very inspiring.

The performance of every character in the movie impresses the audience. Splendid acting by Sonam Kapoor which is in stark contrast to her performance
in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo!! Shabana Azmi plays the role of a doting mother, her feelings before and after the loss of Neerja is beautifully enacted.
Parellel tracks of terrorists preparing for the hijack and Neerja’s past memories of marital abuse intersperse the main incidence.
The movie is a well directed one, fast paced and grips the audience from first to the last minute.
There are no superfluous songs/dialogues in the movie making it a short one with powerful impact on the audience.

There are many movies where women are depicted as selfish with lack of love towards country, Neerja brings a breath of fresh air by paying tribute
to the bravery act of Neerja Bhanot. Neerja shows the real life incident as-is, no fabrication and customisation of real incident to please the Bollywood audience.
Neerja’s father words – ‘Bahadur bacchi kaun?’ lingered in my mind throughout the day.
The movie conveys an important life lesson for parents to raise their children to be bold and intolerant towards injustice.
We actually end up praising Real life Neerja as the movie ends, not thinking about the performance of Sonam/Madhvani/direction/songs etc.

After the movie ended, as I walked towards the EXIT watching remaining audience in the theatre, I could see few ladies wiping their tears.
The last few minutes of the movie leaves us with tears and admiration , Neerja’s mother’s words at the fag end of the movie is heart touching.
If every person could imbibe in them – an ounce of courage in Neerja, the world would be a better place.

Heartfelt admiration to real life – Neerja Bhanot ! Thumbs up to movie – Neerja !!