Anu just completed 1 and half years.

Now I consider the baby as a person/an individual on her own who communicates what she wants through eyes and expressions, not as a small baby anymore.

An individual who is developing tastes and interests.  She knows to convey her anger and  happiness, her likes and dislikes, excitement and boredom.

Here are few points I want to make note of, in below categories:

Anu’s Learnings :

  1. She identifies Amma and Appa’s clothes, the dining chair where we sit for dinner, the objects we use and tells ‘Amma’, ‘Appa’ pointing to these objects.
  2. She utters few words like Amma, Appa, hoova, Aitu, ekku, bow-bow, amba,atta, anna, ba
  3. She knows to wave her hand for BYE and a funny gesture for Good night.
  4. She knows her body parts , identifies each part when asked .

Likes/Dislikes :

  1. She likes chapati over rice, grapes over banana, putani over mandakki. She starts dancing at the sight of chocolate,cake and icecream. Its hard to snatch her favourites away from her.
  2. She likes to sit on sofa like a grown up on her own and watch her favourite videos on TV.
  3. All Yash songs seems to be her favourites , it holds her attention span for 5-10 minutes. Earlier, she was glued to TV for around of month due to MASHA videos, but its quota was done and we are in search of new content to keep her entertained!! She liked MASHA videos so much that she would respond back if someone called MASHA, presuming herself to be MASHA. Giggles 🙂


  1. ‘Anu paapu elli’/’hide and seek’ has been her all time favorite from past couple of months. I need to keep asking ‘where is Anu’ multiple times, while she hides behind me. After few seconds, she leans and looks at my face, I need to respond every time – ‘Yay, here she is’ then she jumps up in joy and laughs for few seconds. The enthusiasm in my voice in asking ‘Anu paapu elli’ reduces as the number of times this game is repeated 😀 😀
  2. ‘Gubbi bantu gubbi’ pointing at the window is my trick to scare her sometimes, she gets scared of ‘gubbi’. She doesn’t know what Gubbi actually is 🙂 . I have created a fear in her through my facial expressions and actions to convey that ‘gubbi’ is something dangerous. This trick works most of the times, especially at night while she wakes up unnecessarily.
  3. She loves to go out in the evening with Appa in her stroller. The moment he tells – ‘lets go’, she immediately gets attached to him like a magnet and starts pointing at the door to take her for a walk.
  4. She is fond of ‘STAR’s – A Christmas star hung infront of the door at my neighbour’s house had been the ONLY SAVIOUR to divert her mind to feed her lunch and breakfast. I have been putting STAR rangoli to grab few minutes of her excitement when she notices it.
  5. She has learnt to make hand movements similar to kids/cartoons in the videos, she identifies her favorite songs in the TV, demands her favourite videos to be put, indicates in the middle of the video when she gets bored to put a next one. Such clarity of thoughts and communication skills without knowing to talk 😀 . I do not have such clarity of what I want , what i dont, especially when I do cloth shopping!!!
  6. She has learnt the art of saving for future at this age already !! Whenever there is some eatable given to her , she sits on the sofa, eats a little and slowly sneaks few pieces of the snack between the sofa cushions. I was not aware of this ‘saving for future’ funda of hers until she magically took out a snack out of nowhere one day. Her secret was out !!
  7. She claps as soon as the eye drops are put in her Granny’s eyes, claps after putting a goal, claps after arranging a puzzle. When a task is accomplished, its acknowledged though clapping.
  8. At the end of the day, she sees the nanny putting her vanity-bag and leaving the house. She has learnt to do the same like the nanny, putting a smaller bag and pointing at the door to go out. Kids learn the mannerisms of people around them so soon.
  9. Every day , while I prepare chapati for dinner, she eagerly comes to me and asks for a piece of chapati, once she gets a small piece in her hand, she walks to the hall, sits on the mat and eats obediently as I instructed her. She is setting a higher bar of obedience for Ammas words, hope it continues as she grows 😛
  10. Anu is happy to see her mom return home from work. She smiles and raises her arms towards Amma to be carried. I love to watch the spectrum of emotions changing from being happy after seeing Amma to cries once Amma just crosses her without holding her. The above 9 points were Anu’s games, this one is mine !!


Anu is full of enthusiasm when I reach home after work, she is so lively and so happy. Her happiness is infectious, she leaves every one wanting to spend more time with her.

The learning curve at this age is exponential, soon she will grow into a toddler going to pre-school. I have mixed set of emotions as always . At times  – I wish I could stop time ticking and enjoy this phase,. Sometimes, i want to fast forward time and view her in a school dress with 2 pony tails, a fancy school bag and tiffin box running towards the school bus in the morning.

Enjoying every bit of watching her grow 🙂