While chatting with one my college friends today, she narrated that being stuck in traffic for hours is the worst part of her everyday routine. Minutes after the conversation ended, the thought – ‘what is the worst and best part of my everyday routine?’ lingered in my mind, a short video of my daily routine activities flashed before my eyes. I consciously chose to ignore recollecting the worst part and spent time shortlisting the best part. Two incidences would invariably make me happy every day, no matter how the day would have been.

  • My father waiting for me at the cab stop every week day. The smiles on our faces while we walk for 10-15 minutes from the cab stop to my home is something every married girl would envy of.
  • The priceless smile on my daughters face on seeing me return home from office , her restlessness till I hug her shows her eagerness to meet Amma. 


Enjoying the perks of being a lovely daughter and a loving mother 😛