Couple of household chores are very boring and endlessly repetitive every day. These tasks cannot be left without doing, but I don’t have any interest to perform them diligently every day.

Instead of getting exhausted with these chores , here are few creative ways to make it interesting/reduce the boredom to some extent and to light up the mood/day.

  • Music is always a saviour – Playing few high beat songs helps me a lot, my mind is more focused on the song rather than the activity in hand.
  • Listening to some TED talks, daily mantras/rituals is a good idea too.
  • Setting a timer from start to end of the task, and working on beating least time taken makes it interesting and speeds the activity too.
  • Using this time to talk to a friend/relatives with bluetooth device ( hands free ) is another way to focus on conversations other than the activity.
  • I would create various 3D objects / miniature ganesha etc. with the remaining dough in few minutes after daily roti preparing dinner routine – brings some happiness and enhances creativity.
  • Making a mental note of things done and pending things to do.


Still thinking of other possible techniques…

Another sure shot way is to transform ourselves into an individual who enjoys performing these chores – Ahhh, hard for me!!