We all miss our childhood, the carefree time, the fun, the innocence, the love and warmth of parents and grandparents. As we grow, we are engrossed fulfilling the expectations that comes with the roles we play. Sometimes, a sudden surge of memories of our childhood takes us on a short trip to happiness and leaves us with a feeling to time travel backwards to relive it again.

Here is 1 wonderful poem written by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, which I learnt during school days. I remember happily reciting this poem with Dad at home and memorizing this for exams. I did understand a bit of it then, but re-reading the same poem NOW gives me a deeper insight into it.

The initial lines below are beautifully written:

 बार-बार आती है मुझको मधुर याद बचपन तेरी।
गया ले गया तू जीवन की सबसे मस्त खुशी मेरी॥
चिंता-रहित खेलना-खाना वह फिरना निर्भय स्वच्छंद।
कैसे भूला जा सकता है बचपन का अतुलित आनंद?
ऊँच-नीच का ज्ञान नहीं था छुआछूत किसने जानी?
बनी हुई थी वहाँ झोंपड़ी और चीथड़ों में रानी॥
रोना और मचल जाना भी क्या आनंद दिखाते थे।
बड़े-बड़े मोती-से आँसू जयमाला पहनाते थे॥

While the above paragraph enumerates the lovely childhood, the last paragraph below is the one which I can relate to and love the most.

 मैं बचपन को बुला रही थी बोल उठी बिटिया मेरी।
नंदन वन-सी फूल उठी यह छोटी-सी कुटिया मेरी॥

While I was calling my childhood to return, my daughter calls me, my small house blossoms into a paradise.

 पाया मैंने बचपन फिर से बचपन बेटी बन आया।
उसकी मंजुल मूर्ति देखकर मुझ में नवजीवन आया॥

I got my childhood back in the form of my daughter, looking at the little princess , I got a new life.

 मैं भी उसके साथ खेलती खाती हूँ, तुतलाती हूँ।
मिलकर उसके साथ स्वयं मैं भी बच्ची बन जाती हूँ॥

I too enjoy playing, eating, baby talking with her, I became a child myself with her.

 जिसे खोजती थी बरसों से अब जाकर उसको पाया।
भाग गया था मुझे छोड़कर वह बचपन फिर से आया॥

The one which I was searching for years , has now returned back.

Through my daughter, I can relive my childhood partially.

Life offers us a second chance to relive childhood through our children.

For a parent, this new childhood experience does not have the same degree of innocence , the ‘nirmal shanthi /pure tranquility’ as a child, but it surely has more pleasure of watching the loved one enjoy childhood in full and grow into adult.

Watching a bud bloom into a flower is far more satisfying than being a bud ourselves.