The Illogical attachment towards favourite things..

I have always been a type of person who would get attached emotionally to few things like clothes, images , few objects so much that even though these objects/ things wear out after few years/months, I just cant let go of these.

Penning down below instances which I recollected before concluded the above aspect of my personality.

– I generally plan to clean my wardrobe which has piles of old dresses, jeans and Ts from past couple of years. I start this herculian task with an intent to halfen the space occupied. As I begin to examine each dress , the memories associated with few dresses fill my mind and Im left with a little happiness and smile on my lips with a feeling that – how can I just discard this dress which was my favourite once upon a time. Some invisible, inexplicable bonding does exist with few favourite things of mine, which I have to preserve for lifetime.

I remember the pink cotton salwar with intricate designs in white and green, very comfortable – was added to MY FAVOURITE list the day I purchased it.After a year or so, the fabric faded, but my unconditional love towards this salwar did not diminish.
Post marriage, in the new house, people did not know about my ‘favourite’ pink salwar , it was cut into pieces and used for cleaning in kitchen !! On seeing the piece of this pink salwar with uninformed usage , I had a lump in my throat with tears threatening to flow. It was as if the purple piece of cloth looking straight into my eyes, questioning – how could you betray me? Similar to the look of an old lady sent to old age home by her son.

– Couple of images taken decades ago with very poor quality camera, held special place in my heart due to the memories which did not faded over years. My first mobile handset during college days had many images which I would scan through very often as I loved each one of those photos. While cleaning up the memory, my brother, deleted this folder. I mourned over the loss of these photos for 2 days. I checked my cell repeatedly by any chance the folder still existed , included this in my prayers incase some miracle could happen and I got back those images. God did help me temporarily – I copied them from various friends , only to lose it again after couple of years !!

The logical ME questions whenever I tend to drift towards the ‘dont-let-go-of-favourite-objects-come-what-may’ funda, the emotional ME retaliates and
pulls me back into the strong bonding with these objects. Im quiet emotional person (w.r.t loved objects or people), so the saga continues…