In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Papa Loves Mambo.”

My current musical taste are influenced by the interests of both Mom and Dad.
My Dad mostly liked Hindi songs of 1960’s or 70’s . My Mom liked devotional/Dasara pada with movie songs from Puttanna kanagal movies. To this day, these songs never fail to bring a smile on my parents face. If we carefully observe the lyrics of the songs, they have deep inner meaning about life applicable to all generations. I could not understand or appreciate much of the musical aspect of the songs but would love the lyrics.

Below are couple of my favourite ones from my parents interest list:

Ram chandra keh gaye siya se ( Gopi ) : Movie Gopi ( 1970 ) had been one of Dad’s favourite movies and he knew the below songs full byheart.

Sukh ke sab saathi :

Sumir manva –

Shirdi wale saibaba:

Vidyabhushana songs:

In the growing up years, my musical taste was influenced by the usual Bollywood and regional language songs. Couple of songs from other South Indian languages due to friends.

Listening to some of my favorite songs, makes me forget all the worries of the day and uplift my mood. The rhythm in the high beat songs brings in some freshness and enthusiasm. The lyrics of many songs are quiet powerful.There is so much of insight and learning from the wordings in the songs which I might not have learnt through the real life experiences.
Kudos to the music composers and singers who touch our lives through music, very thankful to them for sprinkling our otherwise daily mundane routine with moments of musical happiness.