The first birthday celebrations of my little angel was memorable. It was celebrated in a nearby party hall with ~80 guests at the function. Everything went as per the plan with the oh-so-famous barbie cake , pink fairy theme decoration in the backdrop, customized return gifts for kids, lively events involving entire audience to participate, tasty food savored and appreciated by the guests made the party a success.

My angel dressed in red double-frilled frock, lovely red flowery hairband with matching pair of ballerina sandals didn’t fail to earn the admiration from anyone in the party ( or atleast most of them 😛 ). She was cooperative baby for almost the entire function except for kicking her shoes and pulling her hairband immediately after its put on her, with me trying to make her look perfect with the accessories.

Lovely gifts received – lots of soft toys, books, games, electronic toys etc. which I expected to keep her entertained till her next birthday !! It took just couple of minutes to realize I was wrong 🙂 Each toy could only grab her attention span for around a min or two maximum.

All the invited family and friends had turned up. Couple of my friends travelled long distances to attend Anu’s Bday party. I guess they felt it was better to bear the long distance journey than my bashing the next day 🙂

To sum up, all my dreams about the first birthday celebrations of my baby since I was pregnant had finally turned real , satisfactorily. The perfect family photo with N, me and Anu to be framed in ready. This was the first event/party fully organized and managed by me and N, this doubles my happiness!!

Congratulated myself for successfully completing the first year of motherhood, many more birthdays to celebrate and memories to cherish 🙂

-Happy Parenting!!