Its already been almost a year since Anu was born. Makes me recollect all the wonderful memories I had in this 1 year journey . Seeing Anu grow from the little bundle of joy with big eyes, sumo wrestler look on her face from Day 1 to the miniature of a girl she has become today, is such a joy that motherhood has given me.

Couple of instances below which I would like to note down and savour for lifetime :

  • I see Anu running gleefully towards me when I return from office, what more do I require to make my day happier!!
  • The initial days when Anu used walker , she would run fast with her hands up in the air as if she won a gold medal in a sprint, with a cheerful smile that she has learnt to run with the help of walker.
  • I love to dress Anu beautifully in various attires- Krishna/radha/angel/half saree. I can see her face a 100th time and still be left with a feeling to catch a glimpse of her smile again.
  • Many days, the morning starts with Anus lovely smile , she will be fully energetic to do some mischief. If she wants to exercise her vocal cords, she sings the morning raaga too at times.
  • Ahh, The unparalelled joy on Anus face, when she learnt to stand and walk – what a blessing it was to witness this!
  • I see Anu carefully examining things left-right-centre, grasping new words, sounds , repeating, imitating the actions. Wish I had such a learning curve πŸ™‚
  • I see Anu easily connect with her friends , her face lights up when she see her loved ones .
  • I see Anu getting things done from me, appa, tatha. Be it having an evening walk, be it watching her fav video – hope she maintains it in her adulthood, its an art not everyone masters πŸ˜€
  • Anu hides her face , runs away from strangers immediately. Stranger anxiety at its peak, waiting for it to subside in couple of months
  • Anu talks to all her Krishna photos with a smile as if they respond back to her. This has been a sure shot trick to divert her mind while crying πŸ™‚
  • Anu loves picking crap, puts in her mouth and does rounds of chewing it in left and right jaws with a cunning smile of her face, indicating us that SHE HAS FOUND SOMETHING, giving time for the elders to pull out anything harmful.
  • Anu spoke to her ‘Akka’ doll for ~30mins with her Coos and babbles when she had got her first doll. Not sure whether she knew her from past birth and met her after many years πŸ˜‰
  • Anu too had tough times – getting adjusted to the nanny, sleeping through the night, falling hundreds of times while learning to walk, getting hurt by hitting wall/table/objects, the cold/cough/fever routines, the vaccinations, overcoming all these – Anu is a happy baby now and Im a happy mom too!
  • My heart skips a beat everytime I see Anu fall, cry in pain. Cant help – it’s a learning process . If only I could I take her pain and stop her cry!!

Whenever Im in bad mood, I usually set a slideshow of Anu’s smiling photos , once its over , Im happy – what a therapy Anu’s pics are!! I can marvel for hours on the God’s creation of how a cell develops into a baby in 9 months and then the baby develops into a toddler who learnt to rollover, to sit, to stand, to walk , to laugh/smile/giggle, to talk/babble, to express emotions, to drink, chew in just a year – JUST AMAZING !!

Every innovation in science looks miniscule compared to THIS MIRACLE.

First year of motherhood is daunting, the sleepless nights, skipped meals, feeding the baby thousands of times, considering the baby my first priority – everything else falling next, compromising on career, food, leisure etc.… but ITS WORTH IT. My respect for all mothers keeps increasing a lot after I became a mother myself.

Looking forward to many more wonderful years with Anu – my little baby.

Happy parenting!!